King Tongue - Gino Lucente, guitar - Michele Robecchi, guitar, vocals - Bruno Cover, drums

Gino Lucente is the founder of King Tongue. Lucente's guitar style, which is

strongly influenced by musicians like  Frank Zappa and the first psychedelic time of David Gilmour was his buisness card when he moved to Milan from his hometown Pescara at the beginnins of the 90s. Once in Milan, Gino started organising a series of jam session with other students at Accademia di Brera. Amongst the many musucuans that crossed his path, one in particular stood up: Roberto Bagatti, a visual artist, now art director at  MTV. Gino and Roberto together formed the core of King Tongue, laying down the first, raw power-blues tracks.


fabbrica rosa, Maggia, 30-7-2015

Harald Szeemann -  with Una Szeemann,  Ingeborg Lüscher, Gianni Motti

Boby - mp3
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Walking in the light - mp3
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Maxtone 1 - mp3
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Silence 1 - mp3
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The persuaders - mp3
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Short stories - mp3
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Tranship 1 - mp3
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Garden of - mp3
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